Diaspora: Agents or Tools of Humanitarian Response in Crises?

Panel: Lars Peter Nissen and Paddy Siyanga Knudsen
  • Authentic access to real-time information and updates in affected spaces and communities
  • Empathetic person-centred approach to humanitarianism often strengthened by strong cultural and language skills
  • Harnessing of privilege responsibly to wield access, technology to advocate and galvanise financial and non-financial support.
Mimi Kona Rogers, Chairman of Toshpa
DEMAC Summit attendees pose for a photo
  1. Increased funding for capacity-building not just emergency projects or coordination. Investing long-term in diaspora expertise is how you solidify commitments to shifting powers and prioritising collaboration over coordination
  2. Diaspora organisations need better access to donors to advocate for their impact and scale. Gate-keeping in the humanitarian aid sector means many groups never actually get the opportunities to showcase their know-how, skill and potential.
  3. Systemic challenges in banking policy and anti-terror laws make it difficult to offer emergency support in situations where this conflict as well as crises. Advocacy must be scaled at all levels of the humanitarian chain of influence to push for change in this space to allow diaspora actors to support communities that large INGO’s don’t have access to.
Fadi Al-Dairi, Co-Founder Hand in Hand for Aid
Summit attendees pose for a photo on Day One
  1. DEMAC Report on Diaspora Humanitarianism May 2022
  2. Relief Web, Somalia Drought Response Plan




Sharing my ideas with the Medium community one post at a time. Follow me on twitter at @faiza__ali

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Faiza Ali

Faiza Ali

Sharing my ideas with the Medium community one post at a time. Follow me on twitter at @faiza__ali

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